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Meeting the Needs of E-Commerce Buildings in St. Paul, MN, with Commercial Real Estate

E-commerce, revolutionized by Amazon and other large-scale online retailers, has changed the way Americans across the country shop and changed the in-house expectations for retail facilities. The prevalence of online shopping has grown exponentially in the last decade alone, and with Amazon paving the way, more and more companies have to jump to meet customer […]

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3 Advantages of Owning Commercial Real Estate in St. Paul, MN

You’ve been running your St. Paul, MN business for years and have found success. Up to this point you’ve rented space in various buildings. This strategy has worked, but hasn’t been perfect. A reoccurring question has surfaced once again— should you continue renting, or purchase commercial property? Purchasing commercial real estate can be both exciting […]

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How to Buy Commercial Real Estate in St. Paul, MN

Your St. Paul, MN, business is growing, and you now find yourself in need of commercial real estate. There are many different steps to purchasing commercial real estate. Do you know where to start? Some questions you should ask yourself before starting your commercial real estate search include: 1. What are you using the property […]

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